Parents @ Play: ‘Round and ‘round we go

Whether it's sports, vehicles, or just the circle of life, we can't get enough of round things – wheels, balls, etc. Here are a few fun games that get you and your family on a delightful roll toward having fun together.


Living with Children: Let’s revisit ‘psychological thinking’

I call it "psychological thinking," referring to the tendency among parents of the last fifty years or so to attribute bad behavior on the part of a child to so-called "issues" that are thought to be causing emotional tensions of one sort or another. That is, in fact, precisely what my graduate school professors taught; to wit, that misbehavior was nothing more than a symptom of such tension, and for that reason, punishment would only make matters worse.


Ex-etiquette: How to handle manipulative ex’s bad-mouthing

Q: My ex had an affair and we divorced as a result. It was humiliating when he married the woman, and not long after I met her ex for coffee. We married a year later. So, essentially, we've traded partners. My ex is incredibly manipulative and has bad-mouthed me so badly that my husband's middle school-age daughters will not even come to visit. He's made it look like we were the ones who had the affair and the girls despise me. I try to be accepting and do special things for them on their birthdays and around the holidays, but it doesn't seem to matter. Should I continue? What's good ex-etiquette?


Super summer kids’ TV (with activities to match!)

Summer means fun stuff like swimming, camping, bike riding, and ... lots of TV. According to a study by Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, kids watch about 20 more minutes of TV a day in the summer than during the school year. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Here's an idea: Combine their favorite shows with cool activities to get them moving and thinking. These fun – and smart – ideas are all super easy to do (because it's your summer, too).


App review: Pok–mon Quest, quirky, blocky, repetitive new take on hit franchise

Parents need to know that Pokemon Quest is a free-to-play role playing game available for download on iOS and Android devices, as well as the Nintendo Switch. Players build a small base camp and recruit various Pokemon to send out on expeditions, exploring different areas of an island. Pokemon fight each other using a variety of special abilities, including blowing fire, throwing rocks, and poisoning each other. Violence is presented in a cartoonish way and does no permanent damage to the Pokemon, knocking them out temporarily instead. While the game is free-to-play, there are a number of different ways players can spend real world money to get special items, exclusive Pokemon, etc., though none are required to advance.


Game review: ‘Inside,’ excellent but mature adventure has scary and disturbing imagery

Parents need to know that "Inside" is a downloadable narrative platformer-puzzle adventure game. It stars a nameless boy that's on the run from powers unknown. Frequently scary and haunting imagery depicts the boy struggling to escape armed men, dogs, and other perils. The boy suffers bloody deaths that range from being blown to bloody bits to having his throat torn open by dogs. He doesn't fight back but instead attempts to evade his pursuers. He also uses his wits to overcome obstacles, solving contextual puzzles to keep progressing. Players will need to interpret for themselves much of what they see, but several clear themes – including isolation, pursuit, and perseverance – emerge as the story progresses.


July is National Hot Dog month, try this remix

Taco Tuesday remix: Switch up your summer barbecue with a hot-dog taco bar! Yup, hot dogs and tacos are even more delicious when you combine them. Simply grill up dogs, and warm corn or flour tortillas in foil (we like Reynolds Wrap Grill Foil) right on the grates.


Moms Gear: Capture the moon’s glow in a unique necklace

Truly an original piece of jewelry, the Moonglow necklace available through features a glowing picture of the moon in one of its many phases hanging on a round, silver pendant. What makes this piece of jewelry unique is that the necklace can be purchased to reflect the phase of the moon specific to a person's birth date, wedding, graduation or other important occasion.

What is bullying?

This bullying explainer that defines what bullying is, who is affected by it, and how prevention is possible.