Fayette County

Fayette County

Lexington’s Most Wanted, Nov. 15

Lexington’s Most Wanted is a service of the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff and the Lexington Herald-Leader. (Like the sheriff’s office on Facebook.) Each week, a new photo lineup features mug shots of fugitives and information about them and warrants issued for their arrests.

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'A place of peace'

Richmond dentist Dr. Fred Ballou speaks about an upcoming ceremony to remember 10 men who died in a 1972 plane crash. Ballou was invited to go on the trip but did not.


Look up, compare Fayette County School District salaries

New salary figures for 5,944 Fayette County School District teachers, administrators and other employees can be searched and compared with this database, published Nov. 14, 2017. About 120 administrators and principals make more than $100,000 annually. More than 790 make 75,000 or more.