Letters to the Editor

Teacher flight likely from state

Every year school districts look at the colleges and universities for those bright, young graduates to fill openings at their schools. It is a competitive race. These graduates are also looking for jobs, especially the ones that pay best.

Letters to the Editor

Palisades a backyard gem

The Palisades region of the Kentucky River stretching across the southern border of Fayette County is a gem worth exploring for all Kentuckians. We have been blessed with the opportunity to work for Boone Creek Outdoors on Old Richmond Road in Lexington for the past year.

Letters to the Editor

No meds, no tape for this vet

I am a 100-percent service-connected disabled veteran of the U.S. Army and I suffer with chronic pain. The Department of Veterans Affairs has pushed its patients to find alternative ways to combat pain. Forty percent of veterans have been taken off pain medication, just like me.

Letters to the Editor

Jabs at Ky. teachers unfair

Some have criticized teachers in Fayette and other Kentucky counties for not being in classrooms on a Friday in February. As a retired educator, I believe that criticism is unjust and I applaud administrators in Fayette and other districts for the support shown for teachers.

Letters to the Editor

Trump a powerhouse

President Donald Trump will have accomplished more in his first 18 months than did his four predecessors in their collective twenty-eight years. Regardless of politics, any fair-minded person must admit that he is a dynamo.

Letters to the Editor

No pay raise here

More milestones in the Trump economic miracle: Robinson+Cole, a large Connecticut law firm, has announced the layoffs of 30 associates and staff. The remaining associates and counsels will all be getting a $10,000 pay cut. That’s not exactly the $4,000 pay raise promised to all employees by President Donald Trump and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin due to the Trump tax cuts.

Letters to the Editor

Look in the mirror, voters

In the last 43 years there have been two Republican governors: the present one and a one-term governor in 2003. I believe there has been one Republican-majority legislature during that time — the current one.

Mayoral candidate Ronnie Bastin: Opioids, school safety are priorities

Ronnie Bastin, a candidate for Lexington mayor, reveals his focus and qualifications for the job.
Marcus Dorsey