Shh! Enough political screaming. Let’s get excited about calming down.

Kentucky political warhorse says governing has never been for the fainthearted, but today it’s more about smearing the opposition than promoting the common good. Demand that your lawmakers morally rearm, not with intolerance for others, but with faith in traditional ideals: honor, dignity and love — or at least respect for our neighbors, near and far. As Lincoln said, A house divided against itself cannot stand.

National Opinions

Amazon played American cities for suckers

Over the 14-month “Bachelor”-like competition for Amazon’s second headquarters, more than 200 cities across the country went to embarrassing and expensive lengths to woo the online retailer. City leaders raced to hire consultants, compile data and draft elaborate proposals, offering ever more generous financial incentive packages, all in hopes of landing the promised $5-billion corporate office with 50,000 high-paying jobs.


Read free or democracy dies

Authoritarians have always demanded that their voices be heard as the only and absolute truth. As Donald Trump weaponizes distrust, he lures his fellow citizens into ever darker caves of misinformation and delusion.

President Trump’s attacks on the media are unprecedented

Politicians often grumble about journalists. But President Donald Trump has upped the ante to a level unprecedented in modern times. No, the press is not the "enemy of the American people."