Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Utilities smashing residential solar

For non-utility owned, residential generating facilities of less than 100 KW, such as roof-top solar panels, Kentucky HB 227 purports to reimburse the utility for excess generation returned. The present system credits the homeowner for excess generation, which flows to the grid with little, if any, utility participation. The utility’s costs involve only accounting for this power.

Letters to the Editor

Don’t make patients wait needlessly

Kentucky has an opportunity this legislative session to create real, impactful change in our health care system. Senate Bill 143 will reform our outdated, inefficient prior authorization system to ensure patients across our state can access the treatments they need.

Letters to the Editor

Fund pensions or pay at the polls

If Kentucky legislators pass Senate Bill 1 to cut promised retirement benefits, every Kentucky teacher and school board employee, state employee, county and local employee should strike. Just walk out to protest the failure to keep their promise for all your hard-devoted work to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Letters to the Editor

Again, poor women targeted

HB 454 is another attempt to force women to undergo a more lengthy, costly and expensive procedure if they choose to abort a fetus after 11 weeks but before the second trimester. Bills like these seem to target less fortunate women who do not want to bring a child into the chaos that is our world today. Once again, our Kentucky Right to Life legislators are trying to force women to give birth to an unplanned child, while eroding the already meager support system available to help these children once they are born. Women who do not want, or cannot afford, more children should not be required to undergo more difficult and expensive procedures than necessary.

Letters to the Editor

Support Kentucky artists

The Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead is a showcase for a genre that over the past three decades has increasingly gained popularity among collectors of more traditional art across the country and internationally.

Letters to the Editor

Utilities blocking solar

My church installed 120 solar panels last year. Electricity bills were exorbitant, and the solar panels saved us $4,000 last year. There was only one month during which net metering occurred. Solar arrays are sized according to energy requirements and are capped at a maximum allowable capacity. It is doubtful that much excess electricity is produced by the 1,200 solar arrays in Kentucky.

Letters to the Editor

What if politicians were required to tell the truth?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if our U.S. elected officials were required by law to speak only the truth to U.S. citizens? A federal law criminalizing lies would change everything. For instance: President Donald Trump has, on record, over 2,000 documented lies during his first year in office — not even counting the many ridiculous prevarications of the election, or the innumerable egregious pronouncements made since.

Letters to the Editor

Tax cuts from borrowed money

A letter writer referenced the additional money people will get from the new tax cuts. He said, “It’s our money anyway.” No, sir, it is borrowed money, which the government — us — will have to pay interest on.

Letters to the Editor

Russians erode voters’ trust

I don’t get it. Nearly half of voting age Americans do not vote and a huge portion of those who do aren’t informed. No wonder we have such horrible politicians. So the worst aspect of Russian involvement in our elections — that I’ve not heard a word about — is that it makes it much harder to trust information and be an informed voter and much easier to decide not to vote because the vote is obviously corrupted.

Letters to the Editor

Don’t trust North Korea

To the best of my ability to research the relationship between the United States and North Korea, the U.S. has known about North Korea’s nuclear program since 1985. There have been many denuclearization agreements, all of which North Korea has violated, but not before receiving incentives or buying time to continue to work on their nuclear program.

Letters to the Editor

We’re too much in touch with each other

A few decades ago, it became fashionable to frame disagreements as misunderstandings and blame social tensions on a failure to communicate. The best solution for conflict, the thinking went, was honest, uninhibited dialogue. Pouring out our feelings and getting to know one another as individuals would bring us together.

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